Every great wine has a story. It can be the story of a place, or of a slope, or of some particular geological aspect. Sometimes it is the story of a special vintage captured in a bottle preserving the elements that birthed it. Often it is the story of those who made it, perhaps of a family or of a talented individual.

Grand Avenue Wines is our story. Over many years we have had the privilege to taste and enjoy some wonderful wines. Through these opportunities, we have sought to gain a better understanding of what is in the glass and how it relates to the time and place from which it came.

We have chosen the producers listed here with much consideration. For us they are “stand out” and represent some of the most talented wine makers of their generation. Some of them we have known for many years and we have followed their progress across multiple vintages. Others are newer to us but we have recognized something in their wines that we think is exceptional and worthy of a wider audience.

Each of their stories holds a special place for us.